At the present moment 2 largest carriers in the city of Vilnius are using a common sample of public transport tickets. These are JSC "Vilniaus troleibusai" (Vilnius trolleybuses), Zolyno st. 15, Vilnius 2040, tel. 2394700, main dispatcher tel. 2394722 and JSC "Vilniaus autobusai" (Vilnius buses) tel. 2738602.

On a normal working day 258 trolleybuses and 233 buses follow 18 trolleybus routes and 67 bus routes. On Saturdays work 125 trolleybuses and 113 buses, on Sundays and days off - 113 trolleybuses and 104 buses respectively.


The longest trolleybus route is No.12 "Žirm?nai-Šeimyniški? g.-J.Basanavi?iaus g.-Žemieji Paneriai". It is 15,7 km long and the trolley covers the distance in 55 min.

The shortest trolleybus route is No.5 "Žirm?nai-Stotis". It is 8,0 km long and the trolley covers the distance in 34 min.

The largest number of trolleybuses - 30, work on route no.16 "Pašilai?iai-Lazdynai-Stotis".

The smallest number of trolleybuses - 5, work on routes No.12 "Žirm?nai-Šeimyniški? g.-J.Basanavi?iaus g.-Žemieji Paneriai", No.13 “Žirm?nai-Naugarduko g.” and No.15 “Stotis-Žemieji Paneriai”.

T he shortest interval is between trolleybuses following routes 2, 7, 16 and 19. The average interval between trolleybuses at rush hour is 3 to 4 minutes.

Trolleybuses cover 51 534 km and carry 313 130 passengers per day.


The longest bus route is No.20 "Žemieji Paneriai-M?rin? Vok?-Elektrin?-Lazdynai". It is 20,1 km long and the bus covers the distance in 40 min.

The shortest bus route is No.67 "Parko g.-Kalno g.". It is 5,7 km long and the bus covers the distance in 17 min.

The largest number of buses - 9, work on route No.2 "Šeškin?-Centras –Oro uostas".

The shortest interval is between buses following routes 22, 24, 26, 40 and 53. The average interval between buses at rush hour is 10 to 12 minutes.

Graphic view of traffic schedule of bus route 22.

Buses cover 52 956 km and carry 275 380 passengers per day.

Traffic schedules: