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UAB Vilniaus viešasis transportas and a consortium of Lithuanian and Latvian private carriers, i.e. UAB Transrevis and Rigas mikroautobusu satiksme (RMS), are the carriers of Vilnius public transport.


UAB „Vilniaus viešasis transportas“ adress – Žolyno st. 15, LT-10209 Vilnius, tel. 1848, (8 5) 239 4700, Fax: (8 5) 270 9550, e-mail:,

UAB „Transrevis“ adress – Dariaus ir Girėno st. 177A, LT-02189 Vilnius, tel./fax (8 5) 216 3806, e-mail:

Each working day 188 trolleybuses and 379 buses follow 18 trolleybus routes and 87 bus routes. On Sundays and public holidays - 107 trolleybuses and 221 buses.

Trolleybuses in Vilnius

The longest trolleybus route is No. 18: Pašilaičiai–Justiniškės–Žemieji Paneriai–Titnago st. It is 15,07 km long and the trolley covers the distance in 43 min.

The shortest trolleybus route is No. 21: Saulėtekis–Šilo tiltas–Žirmūnai. It is 7,1 km long and the trolleybus covers the distance in 25 min.

The largest number of trolleybuses - 24, work on route no. 7: Pašilaičiai–Justiniškės–Žvėrynas–Stotis.

The smallest number of trolleybuses – 3 on each, work on routes No. 15: Stotis–Žemieji Paneriai–Titnago st., and No. 21: Saulėtekis–Šilo tiltas–Žirmūnai.

The shortest time interval is between trolleybuses following routes 2, 4, 7, 16, 17, 19. The average interval between trolleybuses at rush hour is 3 to 6 minutes. 

The average speed of trolleybuses is 16,3 km/h.

Trolleybuses cover around 36 317 km per day.

Buses in Vilnius


The longest bus route is No. 87: Ateities st.–Molėtų st.–Riešė–Bendorėliai–Šeškinė. It is 25 km long and the bus covers the distance in 60 min.

The shortest bus route is No. 9:Zuikių–Agrastų st.–Baltoji Vokė. It is 7,7 km long and the bus covers the distance in 18 min.

The largest number of buses - 20, work on route No. 3G.

The shortest interval is between fast buses following routes 1G2G3G4G and 5G. The average interval between buses at rush hour is 4 to 5 minutes.

The average speed of buses is 22km/h.

Buses cover around 92 915 km per working day.

Night buses



Night buses have been shuttling in Vilnius since 14 August 2015. Currently, six night routes are available.

Buses of five routes (01N102N103N104N105N) shuttle only at weekend nights (from Friday to Saturday and from Saturday to Sunday).

Two busesof the route 88N Airport–Centre–Europos aikštėshuttle each night every 30-60 minutes from 11:30 pm to 4:00 am.

  • Only the ticket purchased from the bus driver is valid on night buses.
  • Ticket price – 1 EUR.
  • Passengers enter the buses from the front doors.


Traffic schedules: